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Monday Candle

We are so pleased to present our collaboration with Devana Candles!


⁠CRISP LINEN: This candle incorporating all the sweet and surprising smells that remind us of home. A fresh, powdery, floral bouquet with subtle notes of jasmine and rose blended with sweet notes of fruity melon infused with lemon essential oils. This fragrance is reminiscent of the clean, soothing memory of clean sheets dried out in the warm summer breeze. 

NOTE: Jasmine + Rose + Melon + Lemon + Cedarwood + Musk

285g pure soy wax

50+ hours burn time



Enjoy the luxury of burning a candle without compromising the air that you breathe.


We use premium quality wood wicks that are known for their wide flame and beautiful crackling sound. Our candles have an extra strip of timber that adds that crackle and flame for a better burn. They are completely sustainable and eco-friendly and also free of nasty toxins like Lead, Zinc or phthalates. 


Our candles are made from 100% pure Soy Wax, derived from a natural vegetable oil from soy beans. They are a completely natural and renewable resource that is carbon neutral. This creates a clean burning candle that are free of toxins, carcinogens, petroleum and pollutants. 


We use premium essential oil blends made specifically for candles. They are non-toxic and do not contain palm oil and are completely vegan and cruelty free. 


Yes, you will be burning all natural goodness. Take comfort in adding a Devana Candle to your self-care ritual in a natural and Earth-loving way. 


BURNING TIP: Ensure your first burn is long enough to melt the top layer of wax until it reaches the edges of the jar. This will prevent tunneling and promote an even burn.