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There are trends and then there is style. At The Monday Studio we are for the latter. We like to think of trends as a summer fling and style as more of a long-term relationship. As one grows older, we tend to find ourselves leaning more towards something secure, and there is nothing more secure and forever stylish than a beautiful white button-up shirt paired with denim jeans duo. As time passes, we also find ourselves not having as much time to dress up in the latest trends. Investing in wardrobe staples will grant you with more time, more choice for mixing and matching, and will keep you and your wallet from falling too deep into the fast fashion rabbit hole. Whether you’ve done a wardrobe detox recently and need to build on what you already have, or need a wardrobe reset because 9/10 times you don’t know what to wear, here are some wardrobe essentials everybody should have:

The Monday Studio Edit Shirt
The Monday Studio Edit White Shirt


There are many variations to the classic white blouse. Our favourite is a white, crisp, cotton button up which is a perfect combination of structure and casual form. Wear it over the top of another top and leave the front open or buttoned up and tucked into a pair of bottoms, a white blouse is a blank canvas that allows the wearer to come up with creative ways to spruce up the look. It’s stylish simplicity in a nutshell. 

Anine Bing Mika Shirt in White


When you say basics, we say t-shirt and tank tops! Universally flattering, dressed up or dressed down, it’s a fantastic fit-for all that you simply must have a solid supply of in your wardrobe. They are perfect for seasonal layering too and if you live in a climate like Australia’s where four seasons are definitely experienced, life would be a lot more complicated without a stash of plain-ish t-shirts and tank tops. 

The Monday Studio White Tee
The Monday Studio Edit White Tee


Take it from an unregretful Justin Timberlake à la his 2001 denim couples look with Britney Spears – denim is iconic and there is no better way to wear denim than by throwing on a pair of tried and true jeans. There are such a variety of jeans in terms of finish and cuts available. High-waisted, mid-rise, skinny, or flared, Mom Jeans… there are so many to choose from! Find a style that suits your shape and you’ll always be a winner in the bottoms department. 

Anine Bing Brenda Cotton Jeans in Mid Blue


One thing is for sure: it doesn’t need to be sweater weather in order for you to wear a sweater! More commonly referred to as a jumper in Australia, sweaters/jumpers can be worn in warmer climates too, it just depends on the fabric. Sweaters/jumpers are the cosiest type of apparel and are highly versatile. They can go with gym gear, pyjamas, casual to smart wear. It’s a very useful piece to throw on when needing a quick addition of texture to one’s outfit. 

Skylad World Map Sweater
The Monday Studio Edit Yellow Bucket Hat


Trousers – the breezy, flexible alternative to wearing denim jeans. With the right style, trousers can make you look taller, and other than elevating the appearance of your height, they can also elevate your overall outfit. Trousers can be extra fun with different colours and prints to choose from. There’s a lot of practicality to wearing trousers and it can make any outfit look instantly more put together and thought through, when in reality, you spent so little of your valuable time to figure it out. 

Uniqlo Linen Cotton Tapered Pants


These boots are made for walkin’… yes. We’ve talked quite a bit about tops and bottoms when it comes to apparel, but footwear should also be spoken of! Boots – they mean business. You can trudge and stomp around in them AND they’re comfortable. They are the type of footwear to match a casual look or a dressier look. Can you tell we love boots?

Anine Bing Ava Boots


We hope that we’ve given you some ideas on what your next shopping trolley will be filled with! Timeless classics are your forever pieces and you’ll never go out of style this way. Say bye bye to fast fashion and take it slow… 


Throwing glitter at your day,


xoxo Miss Monday


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