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My goodness… Halloween is just around the corner and before we know it, we will all be in the height of holiday season. This year has presented so many challenges (for TMS included), but 2020 or not, the holiday season is the season of giving to others. What we would like to remind you this blog post is that whilst to truly give is to not expect to receive in return, it is still very important to give to yourself. If you don’t treat or look after yourself, you’re in the danger zone of being burnt out and to recover from being burnt out is truly difficult. Prevention is better than a cure right?

Zoe's Autumn Porch Styling - Zoella
Zoe's Autumn Porch Styling - Zoella

This Halloween, let’s not trick ourselves, or the people that matter around us, into believing that we are feeling 10/10, 24/7. We have to take care of ourselves first in order to help others or to give to others. It’s like what the flight safety videos always say: “Secure your mask first, before helping others.” Treat yourself this Halloween and here at TMS, we have a few ideas for you!

1. Hobby Happy

Country Living Magazine - Gardening
Country Living Magazine - Gardening

Are you still at that stage where you don’t know what your hobby is? Or you had a hobby but have grown out of it? Or you still have a hobby, but covid-19 has become the ultimate hobby-blocker? 

2020 has really forced us to change the way in which we enjoy ourselves, but it has also opened up new avenues to explore other interesting things to do. Here at TMS, we think that being creative and having a creative outlet is a great stress reliever. Have you tried any of the following?

A) Gardening

B) Small renovations (Or big! Don’t let us tell you what to do)

C) Baking and/or cooking new recipes 

D) Painting 

E) Pottery 

F) Vlogging (Channel your inner beauty influencer perhaps?)

G) Photography 

H) Learning to play a musical instrument

Honestly, the list of activities requiring a creative bone, which we know you all have, is endless! Life cannot be all about work and no play. Indulge in your desires, whether big or small. Perhaps you’ll find out something about yourself you didn’t already know, like how you low-key might be the next Masterchef or Picasso! 

2. Energising Exercise 

Hej Hej Mats - Yoga
Hej Hej Mats - Yoga

Ex… Exercise? We know… it can be so scary, especially when you’ve gotten into the routine of being a couch potato… still cute, but still potato. You know? It’s great if you live and breathe to exercise and are a serious gym junkie, however, at TMS, we have a feeling that most of you, if not all of you, are like us, and require exercise to be fun and incorporate more than just going to the gym and lifting weights. We think some engaging and interesting ways to get you exercising are:

A) Dance… like nobody is watching! Maybe that’s why TikTok was and still is such a hit huh? Seriously though… what about joining hip-hop or taking Latin dance with your partner? If you’d like to keep it within the walls of your home, that’s cool too… 

B) Dog-walking = you walking. Some of you are even able to take it up a notch from there! We’ve seen mothers who are able to push a pram and walk the dog at the same time. Now that’s just superhuman multitasking. But you know, dog or no dog, a nice walk, jog or run with a great playlist to accompany you is company enough and can be a real enjoyable experience. 

C) Hiking! Vitamin D, fresh oxygen and the green colour of plants and trees which is apparently great for our eyes – so what’s not to love about a good hike?

D) Studio classes. Yoga is great and an awesome way to get into meditation. However, for those people that need to feel the after effects of their exercise more, pilates, or even reformer pilates, is a great alternative. 

E) Join a sports team! Community sports are such a great resource and sometimes people thrive off a bit of healthy competition. It’s also a great way to meet new people and form some great friendships.

3. Pamper Perfect 

Spa - kaileealtena
Spa - kaileealtena

Sometimes it takes a little pampering to feel a little more human. When everything about you is neater, everything around you seems a little neater too. The grooming and pampering services on offer today suit a whole spectrum of preferences. TMS’ favourite grooming and pampering pick me ups are:

A) Going to the hairdresser’s. Nothing like a satisfying root touch up or trimming off the split ends or walking out with a fabulous new hairdo altogether. 

B) Taking a trip to the nail salon. If you haven’t adopted nail art as a hobby yet, booking an appointment at a nail salon to have your nails professionally done is FUN and such a treat. The pros are probably better at helping you sort out any messy cuticle situation anyway. 

C) Getting a makeover. There are a lot of us who, thanks to YouTube, have become very adept at doing our own makeup. For those of us that are not as gifted at getting false lashes on without drama involved, or cannot get winged liner on both eyes even, if you’ve got plans that require you to be a bit more made up, why not treat yourself to a makeup artist to make you look and feel amazing?

D) Facial and spa time. Think of the aromatherapy; the quiet and serene space; the relaxation massage; fresh skin feeling… say no more! 

E) Brow and lash work. Sometimes a gal just wants to put on skincare or the bare minimum of makeup and get an extra half hour sleep. Your eyes are the windows to your soul. The brows and lashes work to frame your gaze. A brow shape and tint and lash extensions are quick, easy, ways to make your routine in the morning so much quicker and easier. 


So whether it be taking up a hobby, getting some fun exercise in or booking a pamper session for yourself, sometimes treating yourself can be just as simple as going to have a nice meal or purchasing a piece of clothing you’ve been eyeing (like our TMS edit sweatshirt…) forever. These are just some of the few suggestions that our team at TMS have for you. 


We hope you’re treating yourself with some TLC pre-festive season. 


Happy Halloween! 


xoxo Miss Monday

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