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You’re either in one of two camps this festive season: 1. You would like to start 2021 right away and haven’t really felt the Christmas vibes or 2. You really, really need to feel the holiday the season. If Christmas is a festivity of which you celebrate, whichever camp you’re in, there’s nothing quite like putting up a Christmas tree to get you in the mood… the super festive and in the Christmas spirit, warm and fuzzy mood! 

So now you’ve got the tree, but you start to sense a familiar feeling of minute uncertainty. How does a person decorate a tree nicely? How does a person not spend a whole day on decorating? Well. We’ve got a succinct list of tips coming right up!

1. Fluff it out! 

Fluff it out

Credit: tatteredstyle.blogspot


Once you have a Christmas tree (note: not a real tree) and have found a spot to put it up in, when you’re unpacking the branches from their “slumber state”, it’s best to continuously checking the “bushiness” of the tree. Always take a step back and have a look as you’re going along so that your tree is fluffed out evenly.

2.  Lighting is everything

Lighting is everything

Credit: @dominomagazine


Lighting is everything… and it’s true, even with Christmas trees. If you’re anything like us at TMS and have in the past bought lights that are excessively long, which has also created really sore arms from going round and round your Christmas tree, we highly recommend folding the wire of your lights to your desired length. This gives the effect of having extra lights, meaning extra wow, and makes your tree look fuller. As for the lighting colour – whatever floats your boat! Warm, cool, or coloured? As long as your tree has lights, it’s going to be super beautiful. 

3. Get basic

Get basic

Credit: @weheartit


Whilst you may have a Christmas theme in mind for decorating your tree, it’s not practical to have every bauble be a special bauble. By getting a pack of basic baubles in a certain colour way to decorate the tree with first allows your Christmas tree to look consistent with the chosen theme and neat. 


Large to medium sized baubles should be kept to the middle to bottom range of the tree, whilst small baubles are kept to the middle to the top of the tree. As you’re hanging your base baubles, also keep stepping back to check your work. 


The extra base baubles are also a great way to decorate the back of the tree, if you have a ‘back of the tree’ situation. You know, the part that is up against a wall where you think nobody will see, so in the past, you’ve possible been guilty of leaving it blank? Even the back of the tree deserves some baubles! It’s all about the lights, but it’s also all about the angles. If left blank, the back of the tree is definitely visible depending on the angle. 


4. The grand finale 

The grand finale

Credit: @lizmarieblog


Just like how you keep your special outfit for occasions, the special baubles, ornaments and/or picks that you have selectively purchased one at a time? Time for them to come out and play! Then again, a Christmas tree in itself is an occasion! As you should at this stage already have your base baubles on the tree, with your special trinket in your hand, have a look at the tree from afar to determine where you would like this special bauble to go. Keep repeating and checking and at the end of it when you’ve hung up all your special ornaments, you can assess from a little afar again and shuffle and move items as desired. You may even find that you have too many base baubles and decide to take some out. 

5. Cover the base! 

Cover the base!

Credit: @lovegrowswild


In Australia, it’s quite a luxury to be able to have a real Christmas tree. Most of us prefer to opt for the accessible, non-real version. As such, sometimes people forget about the base of the tree. To make your tree as realistic as possible, it’s a wise idea to find a way to cover the base of the tree. This can be done with a tree skirt, a blanket or throw or even with presents! There can be some truly creative ways such as having real cuts of logs in various sizes and placing them around the base of the tree or if possible, placing the tree in a woven basket! 

Candy can Christmas tree

Credit: @betterhomesandgardens


Whether you prefer a simpler tree, or a snazzy and glitzy tree, having a Christmas tree up is the most beautiful way to spruce up your home and to get you excited about the festive season. Happy tree setting up! 


xoxo Miss Monday

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